Appalachian School of Law Shootings

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Thu, 17 Jan 2002

NBC’s Today show, 7:00 AM

Today (7:00 AM ET) - NBC

MATT LAUER, co-host:

Good morning. Death on campus. A 43-year-old law student is in custody in Virginia after going on a shooting rampage killing three and wounding three others before he was captured. The stunned community at Appalachian Law School holds a memorial service for the victims today, Thursday, January 17th, 2002.

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LAUER: And welcome to TODAY on a Thursday morning. I’m Matt Lauer.

KATIE COURIC, co-host:

And I’m Katie Couric. Killed in this rampage, the dean of the school, a professor and a student. It’s just a terrible story.

LAUER: It really is. Apparently the gunman failed to make the grade last year and was allowed to come back this year, but he was suspended again for low marks and was on campus to discuss that with school officials. We’ll have details on the story from the newsdesk in a moment, and then we’ll talk to one of the students who helped to subdue the shooter.

Then we’ll talk about airport security. It is supposed to get much tighter tomorrow. That’s when airlines will be required to screen all baggage, the deadline set by the Airline Security Law passed after the September 11th attacks. But will the system be ready? And what about delays? We’ll talk to the transportation secretary, Norman Mineta, about that.

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LAUER: Remember the miniseries “Roots?”

COURIC: Of course, I do. I sure do.

LAUER: A full week that stopped this nation 25 years ago, hard to believe. We’re going to look back at the groundbreaking television drama, and we’ll talk to one of the stars about its legacy.

COURIC: We’ll also show you the latest in workout clothes. They’re not just for the gym anymore. And I’ve got two scary words for you ladies, flash dance.

LAUER: Oh! All right, before we get to that, let’s head over to the newsdesk. Ann Curry has the overnight developments.

ANN CURRY, anchor:

All right, thanks a lot, Matt and Katie. Good morning.

Good morning, everybody.

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