Appalachian School of Law Shootings

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Thu, 17 Jan 2002

Three shot dead at US law school

Roland Watson
The Times (London)

Washington: A college dean was among three people shot dead by a disgruntled student who rampaged through his Virginia law school firing an automatic handgun (Roland Watson writes).

Three others, all female students, were injured before the gunman, Peter Odighizuma, 43, an exchange student from Nigeria, was overpowered by fellow students at the Appalachian School of Law. Jack Briggs, the first doctor at the scene, said that some of the dead had been “executed”.

Anthony Sutin, the dean of the college in Virginia’s Appalachian mountains, had been an Assistant Attorney-General for legislative affairs in the Clinton Administration and a senior adviser for Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign. A lecturer, Thomas Blackwell, was also killed. The third victim, a student, was not named.

Dr Briggs said that he had treated the gunman for stress.

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