Appalachian School of Law Shootings

The full text of all the stories in this table is here. You can see the parts of the stories in this table that mention how Peter O. was captured here.

# Date Category Newspaper Byline Headline Words
054 20 /gun Roanoke Times & World News (Roanoke, VA) Laurence Hammack, Kimberly O’Brien And Lindsey Nair  SHOOTING HITS MANY LIVES; 1875
063 19 /use The Asheville Citizen-Times Jon Ostendorff  Area officer helps wrestle law school gunman to ground 457
095 18 /use Charlotte Observer (North Carolina) Diane Suchetka  EX-CHARLOTTEAN: I HELPED NAB SUSPECT; 485
114 18 /gun Lexington Herald Leader (Kentucky) Lee Mueller  STUDENT HELD IN KILLINGS ASKED FOR HELP, GOT IT, CLASSMATES SAY 1001
128 18 /use Richmond Times Dispatch (Virginia) Rex Bowman  ‘I WAS SICK. I NEED HELP’; 1288
162 17 /gun The Associated Press Chris Kahn  Students tackled gunman in law school shooting spree, held him down until police arrived 403
222 17 /gun Today (7:00 AM ET) - NBC   The shootings at Appalachian School of Law 752
226 17 /gun The New York Times Francis X. Clines  3 Slain at Law School; Student Is Held 849
258 17 /gun The Associated Press State & Local Wire Chris Kahn  Students charge gunman, held him down for police 471