Did the passage of right-to-carry laws result in more guns being carried in public places?

Firstly, the passage Lott quotes and attributes to me was mostly written by Kleck.

Secondly, the survey results did not include transportation of guns and hunting, but only counted guns carried for self-protection. The details of the survey are found in chapter 6 of Targeting Guns [21] which is about the carrying of guns for self-protection. I am surprised to find that Lott is unaware of current research on the frequency with which guns are carried for self-protection.

Thirdly, Lott argues that the percentage of people who get permits will increase in the future. However, Lott's thesis is that the relatively small number of people that got permits in the present caused a relatively large decrease in crime. It is not, I hope, that permits granted in the future are causing crime decreases in the past.

Finally, Lott asks ``why did violent crime rates in neighboring counties without the law increase at the same time that they were falling in neighboring counties with the right-to-carry law?'' The answer is that they didn't.

Tim Lambert