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The 1st Annual CSE logo animation awards

In session 2 of 1996 I asked the students in COMP3421 Computer Graphics to write an applet to blow up the CSE school logo. The assignment specification is here.

I promised an award for the best one, but so many excellent programs were submitted that I just had to give out awards in many different categories.

The winner in each category gets a Hot Brewed Beverage Container award like this one. Each of these HBBC awards is made from the finest hand polished pixels, gathered at great personal risk in cyberspace.

By the way, the teapot shown at the right belonged to Martin Newell, a computer graphics pioneer. The January, 1987 issue of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications has a nice story about the teapot.

The Categories

Most blatant abuse of copyright
Most wanton destruction of the CSE logo
Most interesting graphical effects
Best Game or Puzzle
Best C program
The I can't think of a name for this category category
Bouncing cubes
Honourable Mentions

The Grand Prize Winner:

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