Research Projects


I collaborated with Yose Widjaja to develop a 3-D interactive graph visualisation system capable of displaying graphs with large numbers of nodes and applied it to the visualisation of protein interaction networks. Paper:

Y. Widjaja, C. Pang, S. Li, M. Wilkins and T. Lambert, The Interactorium: Visualising proteins, complexes and interaction networks in a virtual 3-D cell, Proteomics 9: (2009) pp. 5309-5315.

A screenshot of the Interactorium


I worked with Minghi Suryajaya to develop a locomotion system for virtual reality that allowed users to walk with a natural motion in any direction through the virtual environment and applied it to a mine simulation. Papers:

M. Suryajaya, T. Lambert and C. Fowler Camera-based OBDP locomotion system, VRST '09 Proceedings of the 16th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (2009).

M. Suryajaya, T. Lambert, C. Fowler, P. Stothard, D. Laurence and C.Daly, OmniWalker: omnidirectional stroller-based walking platform, Proceedings of 12th Virtual Reality International Conference (2010), pp. 181--182.

M. Suryajaya, T. Lambert, C. Fowler, P. Stothard, D. Laurence and C. Daly, Development and Evaluation of OmniWalker for Navigating Immersive Computer Based Mine Simulations, SimTecT 2010 Simulation Conference and Exhibition (2010).

The Omniwalker

Subsurface scattering

I collaborated with Xi Chen to design and implement a new method to render human skin using screen space subsurface scattering of light. Paper:

X. M. Chen, T Lambert and E. Penner Pre-Integrated Deferred Subsurface Scattering submitted to Eurographics 2013.

Pre-integrated Deferred Subsurface Scattering

Field Representation

I worked with Guy Tsafnat to develop a representation for fields (spatially- and temporally- varying scalar, vector and tensor properties) and apply it to biomedical modelling. Papers published as a result of this work:

G. Tsafnat, S. Cloherty and T. Lambert, Visiome: A toolkit for visualisation of dynamic biomedical models 4th IASTED International Conference on Biomedical Engineering (2004).

G. Tsafnat, S. Cloherty and T. Lambert, AFL and FRL: Abstraction and representation for field interchange} 26th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBC 2004 (2004).

N. Tsafnat, G. Tsafnat and T. Lambert, A three-dimensional fractal model of tumour vasculature 26th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBC 2004 (2004).

N. Tsafnat, G. Tsafnat, S. Jones and T. Lambert, Modelling heating of liver tumours with heterogeneous magnetic microsphere deposition Physics in Medicine and Biology 50:12 (2005) pp. 2937--2953.

G. Tsafnat. K. Kua, S. Cloherty and T. Lambert, Fields solver framework and reference implementation ION Meeting Proceedings (2005) pp. 372--375.

Visualization of a field

Algorithms for the Triangulation of planar straight line graphs.

A planar straight line graph (PSLG) is a set of planar points and a set (non-intersecting) line segments connecting pairs of the points. A triangulation of a PSLG is a set of non-intersecting line segments that connect all the points into a network of triangles. Triangulations are a natural way to organize two-dimensional data. (They are the two dimensional analogue of sorting.) Triangulations have applications in areas such as geography, pattern analysis, computer graphics, crystallography, surface fitting, and finite element methods.

I am conducting research into the nature of such triangulations (which ones can be efficiently computed?), designing algorithms for their computation (can we find an algorithm for the efficient computation of the generalized Delaunay triangulation of a PSLG?), and measuring performance of triangulation algorithms (which published algorithm is fastest in practice?).

You can interactively try my algorithm for realizing a Delaunay triangulation.

Algorithms for 3d Convex Hulls

This is a natural generalization of planar triangulations. To help understand these algorithms I have created a Java applet that animates them.

Virtual Reality

I've been helping some of my students build VRML models of the UNSW Kensington campus and a chemical plant.
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