I am always on the lookout for good PhD students. You will attract my attention if you graduated (4-year degree) from a top university in your country with outstanding academic credentials. Masters degree is NOT mandatory to apply for PhD, but it does not hurt if you have one. When you contact me, please mention three items, your UG university, your GPA (or average marks) for your undergraduate degree and your rank among the graduating fellow students.

Financial Assistance. Our PhD students receive good financial assistance including generous travel support for attending overseas conferences. There are a variety of scholarships available to both Australian and overseas students. Check out the Graduate Research School page for scholarship details. Unsurprisingly, these scholarships are competitive and awarded only to the top applicants. To be competitve, you'll need to demonstrate that you graduated from a top university in your country, achieved outstanding GPA, and possibly exposed yourself to some research leading to publications. And of course, your referees must speak highly about you. If you are an Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen, the most important criterion for APA (Australian Postgraduate Award) scholarships is to hold an Australian equivalent First Class Honours. If you are in doubt about your Honours Class, contact our school (CSE) office.

Research Proposal. For PhD admission at UNSW, you'll need to submit a brief (about 500 words or max of 2 pages) research proposal. Your proposal should define a broad problem you are proposing to solve with due citations to literature and some ideas for how you want to go about solving the problem. A sample research proposal can be found at the GRS web page (see under Faculty of Engineering, School of Computer Science and Engineering). I am currently working on the following research topics and projects (you are still welcome to contact me if you are interested in a topic area not listed here and you have a very good project proposal):

Research Topics

Some Current Research Projects

nanoWSN and Applications

Here is a list of our recent publications from this project: Here is a list of our talks and tutorials on nano-scale wireless sensor networks:

Energy-Harvesting Wearable Internet of Things

Here is a list of our recent publications from this project:

Bandwidth Map and its Applications in Mobile Networking

Here is a list of our recent publications from this project:

Here is a non-exhaustive survey of related work: