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Blanca Mancilla

As an academic at UNSW, I worked in Cartesian Programming (AKA Intensional Programming), in which any entity is assumed to be a multidimensional array of arbitrary dimensionality and extend, evaluated when needed based on a context of evaluation: a set of (dimension, value) pairs. Viewing programming through this angle, opens up a new paradigm facilitating (among others) the combination of synchronous systems (time is another dimension), geospatial infrastructure (bring location dimensions as an integral part of the context), and any other parameters as needed, in the same framework, using the context of evaluation.

A spin-off project is to create a distributed infrastructure for communication, coordination and control of systems, be they software and/or hardware, most important nowadays with the mobility of devices, data, services, applications and users. The key is to understand the exact role of each player, as the infrastructure needs to act as a broadcasting server as well as a synchronous coordinator.

Our research group is arriving at a very exciting moment as the language to enable us to program in such an environment and start experimenting, is being developed and successfully implemented. This language is TransLucid.

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