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Model Checking Knowledge

MCK is a model checker for the logic of knowledge, developed at the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales. The system is intended as a testbed for a variety of approaches to model checking the logic of knowledge. The novelty of this model checker is that it supports several different ways of defining knowledge given a description of a multi-agent system and the observations made by the agents: observation alone; observation and clock; and synchonrous and asynchronous perfect recall of all observations. Both linear and branching time temporal operators are supported.

Earlier releases of MCK were based primarily on BDD-based model checking algorithms, but MCK now also supports bounded model checking as well as explicit state model checking.

For a brief overview of MCK and some of its applications, see the MCK White Paper.

MCK can be trialed via the MCK WEB APP.
A set of examples involving reasoning about knowledge in consensus protocols, using a version of MCK with an extended scripting language, is here.

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