title: Cog - Lucius Borich - July '04

URL: http://www.crustymusic.net/cms/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=281&Itemid=102

magazine: Crusty Music

date: July 2004

writer: Suzanne Elliot

Crustymusic asked Drummer Lucius Borich about what songs are being played on the tour bus and the biggest issues facing the Australian music scene... Check out the COG website at www.cog.com.au.

Suzanne Your currently road testing your new songs that are set for your debut album. How are they being perceived by fans?

Lucius: The songs are going down great…We've noticed a few people bootleging the gigs ...and on some of the chat rooms people are already talking about how much they [dig] them..We hope to write songs that people are going to like but as long as the bands happy with what we come up with we feel like we've done our job ...the people that dig us either stay or move on...

Suzanne Can you tell us/me when you plan to release your debut long player?

Lucius:At this stage it looks like we'll drop a single before the years out and then release the Album first thing next year...We really don’t want to rush things...it's very important we get things right..

Suzanne Is their any surprises (i.e. Carla wearner appeared on JVpt2) guest's or anything we should be looking forward to?

Lucius: I'm planning on doing something if it can come off but it's a surprise for all and cog if it works!!!We dig that type of thing...

Suzanne Any plans to tour again soon?

Lucius: We want to keep doing the odd gig here and their just to work the songs in more. We’ve played six new songs live but we plan on playing the other four if we can before we hit the studio....

Suzanne What has been getting played in the tour bus at the moment?

Lucius: ISIS the album Oceanic...I think they are one of my new favorite bands at the moment...100th window by Massive Attack...Sunk Lotos new one... Refused...The shape of punk to come…Mars Volta. Midnight Oils Best of Both worlds, Oils on the Water LIve. A Perfect Circle...The Police...RadioHead ... Portishead...The list goes on and on...Australia’s a big place and the roads are long so you can play heaps of stuff out their... (Note from Suzanne: Got to love Refused)

Suzanne Would you consider Tool as one of you're influences?

Lucius: Yes I would. Their right up their!!

Suzanne How long have you been drumming for?

Lucius: 23 years...I started on a home made kit when i was 3...

Suzanne What brand do you prefer to use?

Lucius: At the moment I us DW Drum Work shop Drums from the US... Zildjian cymbals...Evens Drum Heads and Vic Firth sticks...

Suzanne Name some of your Favorite artists?

Lucius: In Music I'd say the ones I said in Q'6...Also Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Bob Marley, Frank Zappa, Kyuss, Tool, Jimi Hendrix, Rage Against the machine, Led Zeppelin, Bjork, Underworld, King Crimson, Soundgarden, James Brown, Helmet, Shihad, System of a down, ACDC, At The Drive in, The Mahvishnu Orchestra, The Dead Kennedys, The Doors, Jeff Buckley, Dead Can Dance, Deftones, LeftField, Junto, Meshuggah, Smashing Pumpkins, Grace Jones, Tortoise, DJ Shadow and my old man Kevin Borich cheers dad!... They have all help shape some of the persons I am today in some way!!

Suzanne What's one of the biggest issues facing Australian music in your view?

Lucius: The over flow of music from overseas…it's good to a point but it dominants way to much in all areas, The TV, Radio, Media etc…We need to have even more exposer in these areas for the young Australian bands to survive!!

Suzanne Anything to say to you fans?

Lucius: Thanks for sticking with Cog on the journey thus far ...there our cog as much as we're theirs!!!... Interview by Suzanne Elliott.