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The New Normal


Real Life
Anarchy OK
Silence is Violence
The Spine
My Enemy
The River Song
Doors (Now and then my life feels like it's going nowhere)
Naming the Elephant

released 12/4/05
Label: Difrnt Music
Distributor: MGM

recorded at Radiostar Studios in Weed, CA, USA between 20/9/04 and 10/11/04
produced by Sylvia Massy Shivy and Cog
engineered and co-produced by Rich Veltrop
mixed by Sylvia Massy Shivy, Kale Holmes and Rich Veltrop at Radiostar Studios
studio assistant: Cecil Gregory
Protools editing: Seabrian Arata
mastered by Tom Baker at Precision, Los Angeles, CA, USA
preproduced between mid-2003 and mid-2004
preproduction recording and engineering by Sean Boucher
album design: Daniel Parkinson at the Mekanizm and Cog
group photography: Andrej Liguz

Flynn Gower - guitar, lead vocals
Lucius Borich - drums, vocals, samples
Luke Gower - bass & vocals

There was a limited edition digipack of this album, for purposes of lifting the braille, which unsurprisingly says "cog the new normal". Check here soon for scans. A few exclusively released radio singles were released from this album.