Masters of Philosophy Scholarship in Formal Methods for Fault Tolerant Autonomy

Expressions of interest are invited for a two year scholarship expected to be offered for a Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) candidate in the School of Computer Science and Engineering, UNSW. The scholarship will provide a stipend plus topup, valued at $38,000 per annum for two years.

This scholarship is funded from an Australian government Defence Science and Technology Group grant "Fault Tolerant Autonomy" for a project in collaboration with Cornell University (USA), with the US work funded by the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research, as part of the AFOSR-DST Autonomy Initiative.

The project concerns the application to fault tolerant protocols in autonomous systems of a formal verification and synthesis tool MCK, developed at UNSW. This tool conducts automated verification and synthesis of finite-state systems based on specifications in the logic of knowledge and time. Details of MCK are available here.

The scholarship will suit candidates with interests and background in the following topics:

For more information, contact Prof. Ron van der Meyden (