Prof. Ron van der Meyden: Postgraduate Student Supervision

I am accepting expressions of interest for Postgraduate research supervision primarily in the following areas:

Typically, to work in these areas a high degree of mathematical aptitude is required in addition to a solid understanding of computer science. See my publications page for an indication of what these areas involve.

Please note admission to UNSW and scholarship is highly competitive. Typically, a 1st class Honours degree (or equivalent) is necessary to be competitive for a scholarship at UNSW. UNSW rules for award of 1st class honours in Engineering are here. Note that an Honours WAM of 80/100 is required.

When requesting supervision, please send me the following at R.VanderMeyden AT unsw DOT edu DOT au:

International applicants should also advise whether they would need to obtain a scholarship to be able to afford living expenses and UNSW fees. See

for estimates. Note that UNSW scholarships will be even more competitive than usual at present due to pressures on the UNSW budget as a result of COVID-19.

If I have any current funds on offer for student support, the details will be listed on my personal web page, otherwise, even if you are admitted, you would be responsible for competing for any scholarships open to you.

Current Scholarship Oportunities

The following specific scholarship opportunities may be of interest to applicants for my supervision: