First International Workshop on Management of Spatial Temporal Data (MSTD) 2013

The workshop will be held in conjunction with APWeb 2013 from 4-6 April 2013.

The widespread of sensor networks and location aware devices has resulted in large amounts of spatial temporal data in various fields. Many novel research challenges recently arise in managing spatial temporal databases such as uncertainty and fuzziness in spatial temporal data, trajectory management, and complex query types such as preference queries and keyword queries, etc. This workshop focuses on data management in databases with spatial and/or temporal components. The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers and developers in the field of spatial temporal data management to identify current research foci, exchange research ideas and results, and encourage the development of efficient techniques in management of spatial temporal databases.

Topics related to the data management and mining issues in spatial temporal databases are of interest. These include, but not limited to:

  • Storing, indexing and querying spatial temporal data.
  • Mining spatial temporal data.
  • Trajectory indexing and query processing.
  • Uncertainty management in spatial temporal data.
  • Novel query types in spatial temporal data.
  • Streaming spatial temporal data management.
  • Data cleaning in spatial temporal data