Norman Foo's List of Publications

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N. Foo and J. Bosworth, Algebraic, Geometric, and Stochastic Aspects of Genetic Operators, Langley Research Center, University of Michigan, NASA Report CR-2099, 1972.

J.Bosworth, N. Foo and B. Zeigler, Comparison of GenetiC Algorithms with Conjugate Gradient Methods, Langley Research Center, University of Michigan, NASA Report CR-2093, 1972.

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N. Foo and B.T. Low,
A Note on Prototypes, Convexity and Fuzzy Sets, Studia Logica, 2008, 90, 125-137.

N. Foo and J. Renz, Experience and Trust -- A Systems-Theoretic Approach, 18th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Patras, Greece, July 2008. Poster paper (an abbreviation of the full paper).

J. Li, R. Kwok and N. Foo, The Coherence of Theories -- Dependencies and Weights, in Towards Mathematical Philosophy; Papers from the Studia Logica conference Trends in Logic IV Series: Trends in Logic , Vol. 28, Makinson, David; Malinowski, Jacek; Wansing, Heinrich (Eds), 2008, Approx. 320 p., Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4020-9083-7.

A. Ignjatovic, N. Foo and C.T. Lee, An Analytic Approach to Reputation Ranking of Participants in Online Transactions, The 2008 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence, WI'08, December 2008 (to appear), Sydney. The paper is a condensed version of the full paper.