Chee Liang's visit, 2005, at
Rossini's in Circular Quay
Chee Liang's visit 2005, at Rossini's in Circular Quay, Sydney. L to R: Yokelin (Tan) Foo, Chan Chor Keen, Yeo Chee Liang, Suet Heng Yeo, Peklin (Chiew) Wong, Ow-Yang Chee Wah, Me, Lam Ah Lek, Siew Chee Ow-Yang.
Rafidah 2005
Me and Rafidah Aziz, Sydney 2005, during Badawi's visit.
Choong Kong's visit, 2004, at Rossini's
in Circular Quay
Choong Kong's visit 2004, Rossini's at Circular Quay, Sydney. L to R: Chang Choong Kong, Lam Ah Lek, Keelah Lam, Peklin (Chiew) Wong, Me.
Soo Kong's party in Vancouver,
Soo Kong's party in Vancouver, 2004. Back row, L to R: Lam Tho Sang, Goh Loke Heng, (Thomas) Yang Tai, (Chimes) Chung Chee Min, Chan Yuen Tuck. Front row, L to R: (Norman) Foo Yeow Khean, Stanley Loh, Lee Kor Voon, Chang Soo Kong.
Suat Pheng
Lunch Feb 2004, KL. L to Right: Beh (Khoo) Suat Pheng, Chung Choeng Hoy, S. Baskaran, Poon Yew Chin, Yeo Chee Liang, Lee Lee Khoo (Mrs Khee Ming).
Sheila Sodhy

Me and old VI debating team buddy Sheila Sodhy Reznikov, Adelaide Dec 2001.
Ari, Hong Siang and Norman Feb
K. Arichandran, Tan Hong Siang and Norman Foo, Lake Club, Feb 2006.
Stan Loh and Kor Voon
Lee Kor Voon and Stanley Loh, the VI Everly Bros ride again! Vanvouver 2004, in Soo Kong's house.
Leng Kuan and Gang, 2004
In a KL Thai restaurant, Feb 2004. Back L t R: Tay Leng Kuan, Yeo Chee Liang, Suet Heng Yeo; Front L t R: Baskaran, Poon Yew Chin, and somebody's head.
Gang in Feb 2004, same Thai
Same KL Thai restaurant, Feb 2004. L t R: Me (Norman Y.K.), Chong Sze Nen, Tharman, Yeo Chee Liang, Khoo Khee Ming.
Poolo, 2004

Mid 2004, Brighton Le Sands, Sydney. Norman and Yokelin, with N's side-kick Poolo Jothy and his wife Marina.
In Birmingham, Dec 2006. Norman with soul mate Tay Chong Young at the Bullring.
Don, 2004

Mid 2004 in Sydney, Donald Koh (Swee Peng), Me and Yokelin, Don's daughter Sue and son-in-law Brad.
Soo Kong and Me

Norman and bosom pal Chang Soo Kong in Vancouver, 2004.

Norman and Yokelin, with Sebastian Lenehan, baby son of Craig Lenehan and Selena Choo (god-daughter of N+YL), April 2006.
Norman and Yokelin with Eng (Lim) and Chee Min Chung (CHIMES!!), Vancouver 2004.

L t R: Norman (SC'59), Lee Chee Meng (SC'60) and Chua Chon Sin (SC'60); Chinatown Sydney, May 2006.
Khee Ming and Lee Lee
Khoo Khee Ming and wife Lee Lee.
Melvyn, Kim Boon, Kok Wah

At the VIOBA, Dec '04. L t R: Melvyn Silvester, Ng Kim Boon and Yeoh Kok Wah.
Jim Croll and Norman along the canal in Regent's Park, London, December 2006.

Rosemary (Ross) Nash and Norman, in her home at Watchet, Somerset, UK, Dec 2006.
Peter Koh (Tong Bak) and Norman in Eastwood, Sydney, July 2006.

The Gang of Four from Upper Six, 1961 -- in Mike Loo's backyard in Reading, UK, July 2006.

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