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Yi -- the Haskell extensible editor


Copyright (c) Don Stewart 2004-5, <>

Yi is currently maintained by Jean-Philippe Bernardy. 
(jeanphilippe.bernardy at google mail)


TARBALLS QUICK START: (if you got Yi via the Darcs repo, see HACKER'S QUICK START)

* compile and install yi and yi-gtk or yi-vty, as you would do for any
  other Cabal package

* run yi

$(install-prefix)/yi --as=vim 
$(install-prefix)/yi --as=emacs 


* filepath 1.0, or lastest darcs repo version.

* for vty frontend
  * vty 3.0.0, or latest darcs repo version.
  * Alex (the haskell lexer generator)

* for gtk frontend, gtk2hs 0.9.11, configured with sourceview.

see cabal files (find . -name "*.cabal") for other dependencies.


edit so it suits your needs;


 $ make emacs


 $ make vim

following your preferences. This will :

* compile all the needed packages
* install them with --user
* run yi in the flavour you described in


All configuration (bindings, colours) is done with ~/.yi/YiConfig.hs
See examples directory for files that you can use as ~/.yi/YiConfig.hs.
Drop the --as=... when you have defined your YiConfig.hs


Yi is developed on OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Debian Linux. 

A porting checklist:
        * you have GNU make
        * you have a working GHCi
        * you have either gtk or vty support
        * you have haddock installed (for the documentation)


Yi has been developed by Don Stewart <>
with the help of the #haskell irc community.

Yi is derived from Riot <>, written by
Tuomo Valkonen.

The following people have contributed patches to Yi, in alphabetical order:
(not up to date; see darcs!)
        Bastiaan Zapf
        Cale Gibbard
        Don Stewart
        Jason Dagit
        Jean-Philippe Bernardy
        Mark Wotton
        Samuel Bronson
        Shae Erisson
        Simon Winwood
        Suleiman Souhlal
        Tuomo Valkonen
        Vivian McPhail

Yi was born on October 14th, 2004