Programming Languages & Systems: Prospective Students

Are you a UNSW student looking for a 4th year project or Honours thesis? Or are you interested in doing a PhD related to programming languages and compilers? PLS is always looking for good students! Programming languages are at the heart of software development. Compiler systems are some of the most complex programs around. The correctness of all other software systems depends on compiler correctness. Hence, formal reasoning and mathematical approaches are of special interest in the area.

If you are in need of a 4th year and Honours project, check out our topics list. Also, please feel free to email Gabriele Keller or Manuel Chakravarty if you like to discuss thesis topics. If you know any of the current students, why not chat with them about what we are doing and what the group is like?

If you are interested in doing a PhD, check out our current research projects. We are always looking for PhD students who would like to contribute to one of our ongoing projects. However, if you have a concrete idea for a PhD topic that doesn't fit with an existing project, just email Gabriele Keller or Manuel Chakravarty to see whether we'd be interested in supervising you with that topic.

Courses by PLS Staff

The following courses are taught by PLS academic staff:

Here some courses that we taught in the past:

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