PLS 4th Year Thesis Topics

Here are the thesis topics we currently have listed.

3D computer games and functional programming
The design and implementation of a functional shell
Embedded Haskell for extensible applications
Doxygen-like source browsing for arbitrary languages
Proving LF correctness in the Coq Proof Assistant
Checking the soundness of machine models
Nested data parallelism
Compiling Haskell to the JVM
A Haskell binding to Berkeley DB
Wiki in Haskell: a case study
A new user interface for Haskell
Math support for the MoinMoin wiki
A window manager scriptable in Haskell
A functional replacement for `make'
Haskell support for the IDE "Source Navigator"
A theory of patches in Isabelle/HOL

We prefer to work with pre-approved nomination.

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