Topics, with suggested reading

Claimed topics:

LTL and Büchi automata, by Sandeep
Probabilistic ACP, by Cheng
and modelling concurrency in LOTOS, by Marco.

Process algebra

Possible subjects for seminar talks are system description languages like CCS, CSP, ACP, LOTOS or others. One idea is to take one of the main textbooks on process algebra (mentioned in the link above) and talk about any bit of it that we haven't covered yet in class.

Semantic models of concurrent and distributed systems

A very nice talk could be based on the introductory paper on event structures by Nielsen, Plotkin and Winskel (1981): "Petri nets, event structures and domains, part I", TCS 13(1), pp. 85-108. Or tell us about Chu spaces, following the introduction on the website above. For Petri nets, the book by Reisig or the introductory paper by Peterson would make for a good first talk.

Semantic equivalences

Modal and temporal logic for concurrent systems

The linear time logic LTL or the branching time logic CTL* would be great subjects for seminar presentations. In my own paper CTL with deadlock detection there are a few good references to other papers on CTL and CTL*. More references on request.

Algorithmic verification

This topic will not be treated in class, as there is a separate course on it next year: COMP3153/9153. Nevertheless, you may select this topic for a seminar presentation. Books: A talk could be based on one of those books.

Reasoning about knowledge in distributed systems

Rob van Glabbeek