SOS 2006 Workshop


August 26, 2006, Bonn, Germany

Time Speaker Title
9:00 Registration
9:15 Welcome
9.30 Invited lecture: Bartek Klin Bialgebraic methods in structural operational semantics
10:30 Coffee break
11.00 MohammadReza Mousavi
& Michel A. Reniers
On Well-Foundedness and Expressiveness of Promoted Tyft
11.30 Christiano Braga
& Alberto Verdejo
Modular SOS with Strategies
12.00 Adrian Pop & Peter Fritzson An Eclipse-based Integrated Environment for Developing Executable Structural Operational Semantics Specifications (tool demonstration)
12:30 Lunch
14.30 Invited lecture: Robin Milner
(a joint Express-Infinity-SOS talk)
Bigraphs, multi-local names and confluence
15:30 Tea Break
16.30 Henrik Pilegaard, Flemming Nielson & Hanne Riis Nielson Active Evaluation Contexts for Reaction Semantics
17.00 Simone Tini Notes on Generative Probabilistic Bisimulation
17.30 Vincent Danos, Jean Krivine
& Fabien Tarissan
Self-assembling trees
18.00 Closing
19.30 Workshop dinner
In Em Höttche, Markt 4, Bonn.

Rob van Glabbeek, Formal Methods Group, National ICT Australia.