Serge Gaspers

Serge Gaspers

ARC DECRA Fellow & Senior Lecturer
Algorithms Group, Artificial Intelligence Group
School of Computer Science and Engineering
UNSW Australia (The University of New South Wales)
and Senior Researcher
(UNSW contributed)
Algorithmic Decision Theory
Optimisation Research Group
NICTA (National ICT Australia)


Address Serge Gaspers
Computer Science and Engineering
Building K17
Sydney NSW 2052, Australia
+61 2 9385 6934
+61 2 9385 5995
Office: K17 217D

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+++ EXPLORE 2014 +++ COPA 2014 +++ PCCR 2014 +++ ECAI 2014 +++ Graphs & Decisions +++ Dagstuhl 14451 +++
+++ ASL 2015 +++ AAMAS 2015 +++ WorKer 2015 +++ Dagstuhl 15301 +++ IJCAI 2015 +++
+++ I am teaching COMP6741: Parameterized and Exact Computation this semester +++


  • Nov 2014: Joachim Gudmundsson, Mike Fellows, Fabrizio Frati, Julián Mestre, Fedor Fomin, and I have been awarded a 3-year Discovery Project from the Australian Research Council.
  • Nov 2014: The paper Backdoors to q-Horn (with Sebastian Ordyniak, M. S. Ramanujan, Saket Saurabh, and Stefan Szeider) has been accepted to Algorithmica.
  • Aug 2014: The paper Complexity of Splits Reconstruction for Low-Degree Trees (with Mathieu Liedloff, Maya J. Stein, and Karol Suchan) has been accepted to Discrete Applied Mathematics.
  • Jul 2014: I have been awarded a 4-year Future Fellowship from the Australian Research Council.
  • Jul 2014: I have been promoted to Level C (Senior Lecturer) at UNSW Australia.
  • Jun 2014: The paper Guarantees and Limits of Preprocessing in Constraint Satisfaction and Reasoning (with Stefan Szeider) has been accepted to Artificial Intelligence.
  • Apr 2014: The paper Augmenting Graphs to Minimize the Diameter (with Fabrizio Frati, Joachim Gudmundsson, and Luke Mathieson) has been accepted to Algorithmica.
  • Apr 2014: New paper Backdoors into Heterogeneous Classes of SAT and CSP (with Neeldhara Misra, Sebastian Ordyniak, Stefan Szeider, and Stanislav Zivny) accepted to AAAI 2014.
  • Apr 2014: New paper Fixing a Balanced Knockout Tournament (with Haris Aziz, Simon Mackenzie, Nicholas Mattei, Paul Stursberg, and Toby Walsh) accepted to AAAI 2014.
  • Mar 2014: New paper Separate, Measure and Conquer: Faster Algorithms for Max 2-CSP and Counting Dominating Sets (with Gregory B. Sorkin) available on arXiv.
  • Jan 2014: New paper Strategic aspects of the probabilistic serial rule for the allocation of goods (with Haris Aziz, Nick Mattei, Nina Narodytska, and Toby Walsh) available on arXiv.