PhD Scholarship in Deep Learning and Decision Support for Colorectal Cancer Imaging

The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

The Research Environment The Medical Image Computing Group is based in the School of Computer Science and Engineering, the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Its research interests include biomedical image analysis based on computer vision and machine learning, and biomedical and health informatics.  Strong collaborative links exist with hospitals and hospital-based medical research centres, industry and other universities, with a number of ongoing funded research projects and consultancies in the areas of interest. The research is supported by government, industry and strategic university funding schemes. The group currently consists of 3 academics, 2 postdocs, over 10 PhD students and a number of honours level students. For details about the university, consult this link. For details about the school and its research, consult this link.


The Project Research opportunities are currently available in a research project on colorectal cancer in collaboration  with Ingham Medical Research Institute, Liverpool. The project will develop machine learning and deep learning approaches to determine anatomical and disease boundaries and then combine them with clinical and response data to model treatment response and develop treatment decision support tools. A database of previous patient histories, including outcome as well as imaging information will be available, as well as access to clinicians and medical researchers. For details about Ingham institute, consult this link.

The PhD scholarship A 3.5 year scholarship at the doctoral level is available to a qualified student in the research project.

Both local and international applicants are welcome to apply for PhD admission using the standard university procedure via the link at the end.

The successful applicant will enrol in the PhD program of the School of Computer Science and Engineering,  and should be eligible for PhD admission according to UNSW PhD admission procedure. A 4 year degree in Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Software Engineering is essential. Course or project experience in computer vision, machine and deep learning, and a Masters degree in a related area, along with a research component, would be desirable.

For UNSW admission procedure, consult here.

For further information, contact:

Prof. Arcot Sowmya
(email:, phone: +61 2 9385 6933)

The application procedure To apply for project support, your application should include:

·  a CV that highlights any publications, awards and prizes you have received,

·  undergraduate/postgraduate transcripts, and

·  the names of two referees.

All of the above should be included in a SINGLE PDF file, and be forwarded electronically by Sept 18, 2020 to:
Arcot Sowmya, email: