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Current Research students

Name Program Area of Research
Kaibin Zong PhD Machine Learning Techniques for Change Detection in Remotely sensed images
Yingying Liu PhD Action Recognition and Object Detection in images using machine learning
Thamali Lekamge PhD Classification and sequence learning for X-ray crystallography images
Gihan Samarasinghe PhD Prostate Cancer recognition im multi-parametric MR images
Crystal Jing Ke PhD GPU techniques for high resolution image analysis and visualisation
Anastasia Levenkova PhD Machine learning based recognition of Daibetic Retinopathy features in high resolution retinal images
Upul Senanayake PhD Machine learning for recognition of Mild Cognitive Impairment in Brain MR images
Jian Kang PhD Deep learning for segmentation and recognition of prostate MR images
Brian Huang PhD bayesian non-parametric learning for urban datasets

Completed PhD's

Mohammad Reza Husseini PhD 2016, thesis User guided biomedical image segmentation and usable interfaces (submitted Aug 2015)
Banafsheh Pazokifard PhD 2016, thesis Automatic 3D extraction of pleural plaques and diffuse pleural thickening from lung MDCT images
Vinitha Palaniveloo PhD 2015, thesis System level modelling and verification of NoC components using model checking
Dimitri Semenovich PhD 2014, thesis Mathematical Optimization Techniques in Computer Vision and Machine learning
Anuraag Sridhar PhD 2012, thesis Combining Computer Vision and Knowledge Acquisition to provide real-time activity recognition for multiple persons within immersive environments
Avishkar Misra PhD 2011, thesis Incremental Engineering of Computer Vision Systems
Karin Avnit PhD 2010, thesis Provably correct on-chip communication: a formal approach to automatic synthesis of SoC protocol converters to component-based development of embedded systems
Timothy Bourke PhD 2010, thesis Modelling and Programming Embedded Controllers with Timed Automata and Synchronous Languages
Xiongcai Cai PhD 2008, thesis Learning Level Sets and Level Learning Sets: Innovations in Variational Methods for Data Partitioning
Pemadeep Ramsokul PhD 2008, thesis Modelling and verification of web services protocols
Neil Yager PhD 2007, thesis Hierarchical Fingerprint Verification (won Malcolm Chaikin Award for best PhD thesis in Faculty of Engineering for 2007)
M. Prasad PhD 2006, thesis Incremental Classification of HRCT findings in diffuse lung diseases
Partha Roop PhD 2000, thesis Forced Simulation: a formal approach to component-based development of embedded systems
Mark Peters PhD 1999, thesis Making Sense: autonomy and adaptation in visual robotics
Maziar Palhang PhD 1998, thesis Learning object models: an inductive logic programming

Completed Research Masters Theses

Beihua Zhang ME 2015, thesis Visual Matching and tracking of humans in multiple cameras
Roger Yu Chen ME 2015, thesis Facial Segmentation using Boosted Dynamic Mixture Active Shape Model
Bhuman Soni ME 2013, thesis Detecting human victims in an urban search and rescue scenario
Jae Pyo Son ME 2013, thesis Vision based Natural Assistive Technologies with gesture recognition using Kinect
FengQi An ME 2012, thesis Automatic 2.5D Cartoon Modelling
Amir Massoudi ME 2012, thesis Motion Tracking in Phase-Contrast Microscopic Images
Chun-Fan Henry Lee ME 2008, thesis Towards Topological Mapping with Vision-based simultaneous localization and map building
Chun-Fan Henry Lee ME 2008, thesis Towards Topological Mapping with Vision-based simultaneous localization and map building