My Research Projects

Research Projects (Arcot Sowmya)

Current Projects

Data mining in political conflict datasets
Feature Extraction and Recognition of Asbestos-related Pleural Disease in HRCT Lung images
Vision for RescueRobot
Tracking in SmartRoom
Face tracking using boosted dynamic active shape model and filtering
Hierarchical Feature Extraction for lung HRCT images
Modelling and Verification of NoC protocol stack
Segmentation in image matching and retrieval
Motion Tracking and recognition in immersive environments
Incremental software/Knowledge Engineering development environment for medical image applications

Completed Projects

Provably Correct On-chip Communication-based Design
Modelling and Programming Embedded Controllers with Timed Automata and Synchronous Languages
Tracking and audio feedback for navigation
Formal Model of Web Services Protocols
Segmentation and Classification of lung HRC T images
Learning dynamic statistical shape model for object extraction
Investigation of blood flow impediment in major limb vessels due to limb bending
Prototype CAD and Interactive Radiologists' Forum for HRCT images of the lung
Topological Mapping with Vision-based Localization and Mapping
3-D Imaging of arterio-venous malformations (AVMs)
Learning Medical Image Knowledge
Information Fusion and Machine Learning in Linear Features Extraction in High Resolution Images
Composite Learning of Linear Features in High Resolution Images
Component Reuse Framework for Embedded S ystem Design
Symbolic Component Reuse for embedded s ystems
FSIM: component reuse methods for embedded systems
State-based Specification and Logic-based Verification of embedded systems
Automatic Feature Extraction and Recognition on high resolution remotely sensed images
Semi-automatic and automatic tools for data acquisition from remotely sensed data
Real-time Tracking for a Visual Robot
Building Object Models Automatically