My Research Projects

Research Projects (Arcot Sowmya)

Current Projects

Automatic detection of dustmites in images using machine learning
DeepLOOP: Secondary Fracture Prevention using deep learning to screen for osteoporosis
Segmentation and Functional Evaluation of the feal heart in ultrasound images
Multimodal learning from Alzheimer datasets for early detection
Learning to detect hidden messages in Steganography images
Localisation and Recognition of disaster zones in remotely sensed images using deep learning
Data mining in political conflict datasets
Recognition and quantification of Prostate cancer in multi-parametric MR images
Automated analysis of multi-modal retinal images
Machine learning technqiues for recognition of MCI in brain MR images
Deep learning for prostate segmentation in MR images

Completed Projects

GPU algorithms for high resolution image processing and visualisation
Automatic recognition of crystallisation process in X-ray crystallography image sequences
Automatic Change detection in remotely sensed images using machine learning
Action recognition and obejct detection in images using machine learning
Biomedical image segmentation and interaction
Automatic 3D extraction of Asbestos-related Pleural Disease in HRCT Lung images
System level modelling and verification of NoC components using model checking
Mathematical Optimization Techniques in Computer Vision and Machine learning
Detecting human victims in an urban search and rescue scenario
Vision- based Natural Assistive Technologies with gesture recognition using Kinect
Automatic 2.5D Cartoon Modelling
Motion Tracking in Phase-Contrast Microscopic Images
Visual Matching and Tracking of humans in multiple cameras
Face tracking using boosted dynamic active shape model and filtering
Hierarchical Feature Extraction for lung HRCT images
Modelling and Verification of NoC protocol stack
Segmentation in image matching and retrieval
Motion Tracking and recognition in immersive environments
Incremental software/Knowledge Engineering development environment for medical image applications
Provably Correct On-chip Communication-based Design
Modelling and Programming Embedded Controllers with Timed Automata and Synchronous Languages
Tracking and audio feedback for navigation
Formal Model of Web Services Protocols
Segmentation and Classification of lung HRC T images
Learning dynamic statistical shape model for object extraction
Investigation of blood flow impediment in major limb vessels due to limb bending
Prototype CAD and Interactive Radiologists' Forum for HRCT images of the lung
Topological Mapping with Vision-based Localization and Mapping
3-D Imaging of arterio-venous malformations (AVMs)
Learning Medical Image Knowledge
Information Fusion and Machine Learning in Linear Features Extraction in High Resolution Images
Composite Learning of Linear Features in High Resolution Images
Component Reuse Framework for Embedded S ystem Design
Symbolic Component Reuse for embedded s ystems
FSIM: component reuse methods for embedded systems
State-based Specification and Logic-based Verification of embedded systems
Automatic Feature Extraction and Recognition on high resolution remotely sensed images
Semi-automatic and automatic tools for data acquisition from remotely sensed data
Real-time Tracking for a Visual Robot
Building Object Models Automatically