Presented Tutorials

Hardware Software Co-design”, with  P A Subrahmanyam of AT&T Bell Laboratories and Stanford University, European Design Automation Conference , Geneva, Switzerland - Sep 1996 (whole day)


Hardware Software Co-synthesis”, with P A Subrahmanyam of AT&T Laboratories and Stanford University, VHDL International Users Forum / International Verilog Conference, Santa Clara California - April 1997 (whole day)


Future Research in Hardware Software Co-synthesis”, Asia South Pacific Design Automation Conference, Yokohama, Japan - February 1998 - embedded tutorial


Hardware Software Co-design”. Asia Pacific Conference in Hardware Description Languages, Seoul, Korea - July 1998 (half day)


Hardware Software Co-design”. Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems, University of Notre Dame, Illinois –August 1998 (half day)


“Specification and Implementation of Multi-million gate SoCs”,  IEEE

Conference on Computer Aided Design (ICCAD) , Double Tree Hotel,  San

Jose, California, Nov 2002 (whole day)


Specification and Implementation of Multi-million gate SoCs” , VLSI Design Conference, New Delhi, Jan 2003 (whole day)


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