Research Team

Aleksandar Ignjatovic (Faculty Member)

Andhi Janapsatya (Post Doctoral Fellow)

Hui Annie Guo (Faculty Member)

Hui Wu (Faculty Member)

Jorgen Peddersen (Post Doctoral Fellow)

Yee Jern Chong (Post Doctoral Fellow—Part time)

Shihab Haque (PhD Candidate)

Vinitha Palaniveloo (PhD Candidate)

Tuo Li (PhD Candidate)

Ma Su Myat Min Shwe (PhD Candidate)

Liang Tang (PhD Candidate)

Carol Xin He (PhD Candidate)

Haris Javaid (PhD Candidate)

Ankita Arora (Masters)

James Hong Doan (Masters)

 Previous Research Members / Graduates

Ashley Partis (presently at CISRA, Sydney)

Rowena Wilson (presently at CISRA, Sydney)

Naveenan Vasudevan (presently at CISRA, Sydney)

Nikil Rao (going for higher studies)

Newton Cheung (PhD— Vast Systems—Sydney / San Jose)

Andhi Janapsatya  (PhD—Post Doctoral Fellow , UNSW)

Hui Annie Guo (PhD , Lecturer, UNSW)

Swarnalatta Radhakrishnan (PhD Accepted—Faculty University of Peradeniya)

Roshan Ragel (PhD Accepted—Faculty University of Peradeniya)

Jude Angelo Ambrose (PhD—TU Delft)

Krutartha Patel (PhD)

Yee Jern Chong (PhD)

Ivan Lu (PhD —Marvell Communications, San Jose, USA)

Seyed Mohammed Kia (PhD—Faculty Member)

Matthew Parkinson (PhD)

Vince Boros (PhD)

Allan Rae (PhD)

Jeremy Chan (PhD, Submitted, Sonics Inc, San Jose)

Seng Lin Shee (PhD, Submitted, to join Microsoft, Seattle)

Andrea Erdos

Sweta Maira

Peter Rohde








Memory Systems




Low Power Systems





Multi-pipeline Systems




Research Students / Associates

(Present and Recent)