Contact details

  • Email:
  • Phone: (02) 9385 4199, or x54199 within UNSW.
  • Location: Room 111a, Building K17 (level 1, at the end of the right-hand corridor as you face the lifts)

Before contacting us for support, please see Requesting Support


Emergency Out of Hours Assistance

A situation may be considered an emergency if it concerns many members of the school or stands to impede the work of several students. Before calling for assistance out of hours please consider that there is a cost to the school for every call out.

After hours assistance is generally provided between 5pm and 9pm weekdays and between 9am and 5pm during weekends all year.

Out of hours contact can be made with e-mail to csg-alert. This address is usually used by our helpdesk. This service sends a message to the CSG pagers as well as an e-mail. You can include detail in a message to csg-alert in the e-mail body, remember to put a brief description and your phone number in the subject line. The thing to remember with csg-alert is that this will only work if the CSE e-mail server is working.