Research Interests

Advanced Big Data Storage and Processing Technologies.

Deployment Architecture of Software Applications in Cloud Computing Platforms.

NoSQL and NewSQL Databases.

Large Scale Graph Data Management and Querying Techniques.

Business Process Modeling and Management.

Research Projects

DREAM: Distributed RDF Engine with Adaptive Query Optimization & Minimal Communication.

Liquid Benchmarks: Infrastructure for collaborative construction and sharing of independent and continuously evolving benchmarks for any research aspect in the Computer Science field.

CloudDB AutoAdmin: Declarative Management of Application-Defined SLA for Cloud-Hosted Databases.

Querying Large Distributed Graphs: A collaboration reseach with the eXtreme Computing Group at Microsoft Research to enable querying large distributed graphs.

AURIN: Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN).

MyDeepWeb: An integration service for online distributed (Personal) data

QBP: A Flexible Framework for Querying Business Processes.

XMLCompBench: A Comprhensive evaluation of XML compression tools.

XSelMark: A Micro-Benchmark for selectivity estimation approaches of XML queries.

ComQu: An efficient main memory implementation of DOM libray.

Pathfinder: Relational XQuery processor.

XRDB: An intelligent publisher of relational data into XML documents.

PhD Students

Dongyao Wu UNSW, 2014- Present, Main Advisor: Liming Zhu.

Liang Zhao UNSW, 2010, Main Advisor: Anna Liu, Completed on April 2013, Currently Senior Software Engineer at Commonwealth Bank.

Master Students

Manal Alghamdi KSAU-HS, 2016

Adnan Munshi KSAU-HS, 2015

Ebtesam Alomari KAU, 2014

Hooran MahmoudiNasab Macquarie University, 2009

Honor Thesis Students

Karen Kung UNSW, 2009

Mac Arthur UNSW, 2008

Summer Students

Xing Yu Su ANU, 2011

Hui Feng UNSW, 2010

Eimy Liu UNSW, 2007