Lecturer at University of New South Wales

2012/S1 COMP9243 Distributed Systems (Guest Lecture on Cloud Data Management)
2010/S1 SENG3010 Software Engineering Workshop
2009/S2 COMP9322 Service-Oriented Architectures
2009/S2 COMP9323 e-Enterprise Projects (Project Mentor)
2009/S1 COMP9322 Service-Oriented Architectures

Lecturer at Macquarie University

2009/S1 ITEC833 Web Services Development
2008/S2 ITEC830 XML Related Technologies
2008/S1 ITEC833 Web Services Development

Teaching Assitant at Cairo University

2003/S1 IS232/3 System Analysis and Design
2002/S2 IS237/3 Database Design
2002/S1 IS241/4 Datawarehousing
2001/S2 IS245/4 Distributed Databases
2001/S1 IS243/4 XML Related Technologies