Special Project

Students in the BSc Computer Science may in fairly restricted circumstances (see criteria below) enrol during third year for a special project course which will consist of a research project individually supervised by a member of the academic staff. With the agreement of the program director, it might be possible to enrol for a special project as part of a BE degree as well, although the more constrained nature of these degrees makes this more difficult to arrange.

Criteria for admission to third year COMP project:

  1. the student is in the final semester of their program (i.e. second semester of third year - this does not of course preclude them from going on to do the honours year);
  2. the student has completed all 1st and 2nd year requirements;
  3. the student has already completed at least 5 level 3/4 COMP subjects;
  4. the student has attained an average of 85 or better over all subjects in their program;
  5. a supervisor can be found for their proposed project.