Ken on CSE Awards - 13 March 2005

Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 20:46:18 +1100
To: CS&E Teaching Committee <>
cc: "Brad Hall at CSE, UNSW" <>
From: Ken Robinson <>
Subject: Re: CSE Proficiency Awards 2004

The impetus for this mail came indirectly from one of the students who received an award, so it's not sour grapes.

Don't you think it is about time we included included SENG and BINF courses in the determination of the CSE Proficiency Awards?

The basis for this is the inclusion of all core "computing" courses that students do for our programs.

Remember in considering objections:

  1. not all COMP courses are equal, so that should counterbalance any reservation about SENG and BINF course not being "equal" to COMP courses.

  2. not everyone can do SENG and BINF courses, but that cuts two ways: it also means that students who have to take these courses have less access to COMP courses.

I think it is about time that we stopped treating COMP courses as the only School courses.

How about it?



PS: I hasten to add [that this message] was not sent with the slightest suggestion of a complaint. The students on the current list have my strongest congratulations and I do not intend to detract in any way from the current results.

I said that my suggestion came indirectly from a student who gained an award. He also wasn't complaining, but he made a comment that led to the question of why we consider only COMP courses. Having considered that I can see no substantial reason why that should remain the case, hence my proposal.

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