Minutes of the Teaching Committee Meeting on 26 August 2005

Attendance List:

Achim Hoffmann (chair), Hal Ashburner (student), Christopher Chua (student), Oliver Diessel, Bruno Gaeta, Joseph Gentle (student), Aleks Ignjatovic, Gabrielle Keller, Michael Lake (student), Ashesh Mahidadia, Eric Martin, Maurice Pagnucco, N. Paramesh, Sri Parameshwaran, Arthur Ramer, Ken Robinson, Wayne Wobcke.
Meeting opened at 2:15pm and ended at 4:05pm

Apology: Richard Buckland

Date: 26 August 2005
Author: Achim Hoffmann

  1. Confirmation of minutes of the last two teaching committee meetings.
  2. Courses to be run  in 2006. This list was circulated at the meeting.
  3. Teaching load formula - initial brainstorming. As a starting point, the info on teaching load formulas from Monash University was circulated.
  4. Plagiarism Policy - what next?

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