Software Engineering Program Director's Report

We have finally arrived at a BE(SE)/MBiomedE program acceptable to the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, so that program should be able to go forward for approval this semester.

The proposed BE/BCom program was accepted as OK by Commerce, but has been held up by the new Dean of Commerce's review of fCE teaching loads. I recently received the OK in principle to go ahead with that program. There is to be a meeting between David Morgan, Tim Hesketh and myself. I hope that can be soon, so we can push ahead with that this semester. The 2003 UAI entry into SE will probably cause some problems for direct entry into BE/BCom, given the BCom UAI of 95.5!

Both the above proposed programs can be viewed on the Software Engineering Programs page.

The TC asked some time ago about SE IEAust accreditation. Tim Hesketh indicated just before Xmas that the IEAust final report had just arrived, and I expect something from him imminently.

Ken Robinson
17 January 2003