Agenda for Teaching Committee Meeting - 28 July 2000

  1. Second year CS program is in a mess because the CS students are not well placed to take COMP2021 in first session (they have no hardware background, unlike the CE students taking COMP2021 in first session). This means that they have difficulty choosing enough courses in first session. John Shepherd will introduce the discussion. Balancing numbers in COMP2011 between the two sessions is also a potential problem.

  2. Special facilities for special teaching needs. There are proposals for an alpha cluster for Distributed Systems COMP9243 and for a Mac lab for COMP9511/COMP3511. These are in large part FC concerns, but the TC should comment on the degree of need for these facilities from the teaching perspective. Case for HCI lab.

  3. Plagiarism handling policy. Should we have a database of previous plagiarism cases? What penalties should there be for repeat offenders?

  4. Summer session 2001: what courses will we offer? Presumably, we will run COMP1021 as usual. Frequently in the past we have run the graphics course COMP9701. John Albani's comment

  5. COMP9022 in second sessions. We are currently feeling the displeasure of PG students who have been forced to enrol in COMP2021 in second session because COMP9022 is currently only run in first session. Should we reconsider on this? Should all/popular/core PG courses have repeat lectures so that they are available day and evening? Particularly UG/PG pairs like COMP3231/9201, COMP3131/9102, COMP3111/9008, COMP3121/9101 (using second session examples)? John Shepherd will introduce the discussion.

  6. The TC's attention is drawn to the fact that a competitor, Sydney University, runs a talented student program. Should we be doing this as well? Comments.

  7. The School of Physics has a person, the "Physics Friend" who I am told spends her full time sorting out students' problems and giving course advice (particularly in difficult areas such as double degrees). Should we be taking this approach too?

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