Agenda for Teaching Committee Meeting - 3 November 2000

  1. Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting:

  2. Requirements for class managers and associate lecturers for 2001. It has been suggested that enough class managers should be recruited to cover courses with an enrolment (in a particular session) over a threshold (possibly 300). Class Manager Job Spec

  3. ELEC have, in JAS's words "bitten the bullet on 4th year Thesis vs Project and introduced a new Project subject for students with low averages (specifically, less than 65%)." This is somewhat consistent with the practice in the Advanced Science program and of course in Computer Science of only letting students with 65+ averages do honours. Do we want to review our policy on this?

  4. Quality assurance measures for teaching. Should we be having an extra person (perhaps a program coordinator or director of first year studies) acting in a specific quality assurance role for each course we offer?

  5. Formal introduction of a new Special Project for talented students in Computer Science.

  6. Proposal for Master of Engineering Science in Mobile Systems.

  7. Teaching allocation revisited.

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