Draft Agenda for Teaching Committee Meeting - 27 April 2001

  1. Proposal by IROB to teach COMP4920 Professional Issues and Ethics for us. This proposal was circulated to academic TC members on 21 Feb. We now need to decide what form COMP4920 will take in future years, so that IROB has time to introduce the course (which they wish to have an IROB prefix). Copies of the proposal are available from the HoS Office.

  2. Modification to CS Honours requirements: [Tim L] Currently the requirements for CS honours are:

    We need to make this 48, or students have to pay extra. This has not been a problem before, because in the old system we also enrolled them in 48 uoc COMP4914 and defined all their other courses as 0 uoc. The new system does not allow this.

    Since 4th year CE and SE do 24 uoc of regular course work I propose to modify CS Honours to

    24 uoc course work
    3 uoc gened
    6 uoc Thesis A
    15 uoc Thesis B
    48 uoc total

    That is, they have one fewer course to do and Thesis B is redefined as 15 uoc (we'll need to define new Thesis A and Thesis B courses for CS hons -- we already have a separate course code for SE theses.)

  3. [gernot] Students teaching courses

    COMP1021 in summer session was taught by research students, some with a Scholarship and topup. I'm worried about:

    I think we should have clear policies on how do do such things.

  4. [gernot] Modification of course content by LiC

    I think we need a clear policy on modifying handbook entries. There is at least one recent instance of a change being made which has significant implications on courses serviced, without the LiCs of such courses having been consulted.

    In particular, I think that any changes need to be approved by the Associate Head of School, and if the AssocHoS thinks that they are more then purely editorial, they should go to the TC.

  5. Proposal from ITTI for advanced standing/entry for their diplomates.

    ITTI (Information Technology Training Institute) is a private educational institution in Sydney offering a Diploma of Information Technology. They have articulation agreements with Deakin, Griffith, and UWS(Nepean). They would like one with us. Their covering letter and a folder of documentation including course descriptions will be available at the meeting. If there is any support for this notion, we should perhaps form a working party to evaluate their program.

  6. New course proposal: [Kai E] Concurrency course. Proposal details are here.

  7. Modifications to SMS to support new University requirements.
    There are now requirements that (1) we must inform students of their rank in each CSE course they take, and (2) we may not post results on office door or web pages - we must instead e-mail provisional results to students.

    Geoff Whale's comments: "Calculating a rank is, as Gernot says, a minor problem. The potentially tricky part lies in whether SMS has to create a new field to store it, rather than rely on the field pre-existing like the final mark. It has never had to do that, but the initial configuration could be modified to create a rank field by default. The rank would be calculated at the same time as result finalisation and submission.

    Other mods to sms are required as well--class number and plans don't yet exist, but are used extensively throughout NSS, as is WAM (GPA), although it's not the WAM you currently use.

    All these should be in place for 01s2."

  8. Confirmation of courses to run in session 2, 2001, along with specification of quotas, if any, for these courses.

  9. IEAust Accreditation: Ken and Bill have been working on this, and will briefly outline the state of play.

  10. [JMP] Report on First Year Streaming in 1011/1711 and C/Systems in 1021

    Basic points:
    common assessment across streams -- is it worth the hassle? prerequisite knowledge for 1021 etc.

    Key point to be addressed is the need for us to be more prescriptive on syllabus content and coverage in these introductory courses.

  11. [OD] Proposal for the reorganisation of Digital Systems Structures (COMP2021) and laboratory support for the understanding of digital systems structures and design.

  12. Teaching allocation for session 2. Draft is here. Major issues are who will teach COMP1021 and COMP2011 and COMP2041.

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