Agenda for Teaching Committee Meeting 17 May 2002

  1. Matters relating to the co-op scholars program [carrollg]
  2. Industrial training - some complaints about inconsistency in acceptance of work at UNSW towards ugrad industrial training requirements. Also explanation of new guidelines for industrial training.
  3. New course proposals
  4. Review of 02s2, 03s1 and 03s2 courses and teaching allocations.
  5. Course Experience Survey - how can can we best use the course experience results to improve our teaching. What should the TC do regarding courses where there are high level of student dissatisfaction.
  6. Assessment Queries- Does CSE need a policy on queries to lecturers regarding assessment? CSE lecturers vary greatly in their handling of such queries. Some student dissatisifaction seem to stem from the handling of queries, rather than the assessment which produce the query.
  7. Any other business.

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