Agenda for Teaching Committee Meeting 24 January 2003

  1. Proposal to change prerequisites for BINF1001 and BINF2001 (Bruna Gaeta);

  2. [Brad Hall - following up plans/proposals from the Dean] What process is required to start the "BSc Advanced Computer Science" Program? I'd like to help get this started and hopefully have it in place ready for Mid year intake 2003.

    The other area of study I see a need for is a Plan in Comp Sci or a new Program in Robotics, incorporating Mech Eng and Elec Eng perhaps. Many students have said that they are interested in this, and some currently take a Combined Program in Comp Sci & Mech Eng, but I think a more formal plan would attract some top students.

  3. New course proposal (data mining) from Xuemin

  4. New program proposals (BE Bioinf BA and BE Bioinf BSc) [Bruno]
    BE Bioinf BA and BE Bioinf BSc

  5. New course proposal (PG Java) from Paramesh. (Java for postgraduates)

  6. Revised syllabus proposal for COMP9517 [Sowmya, Adnan, Aleks.]

  7. Discussion of program for Teaching Quality Retreat 10 February: see minutes of TC meeting of 13 September 2002 - item 8.

  8. [For information] Report from SE Program director

  9. [Brad Hall, Andrew Taylor] Prizes for top students. Andrew has since the last meeting run a search on students using criteria that he, Carroll & I came up with, and we would like to present this to the TC.

  10. [Ron van der Meyden] Proposal for one-off course "Advanced Topics in Concurrency" to be taught by NICTA visitor.

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