Agenda for Teaching Committee Meeting 28 March 2003

  1. New Course Proposal: COMP9031 Java and Internet Programming

  2. BE SoftEng MBiomedE Proposal [KenR]

  3. Addition of minors to BSc (Computer Science) [Tim Lambert]

  4. A casual tutor has suggested that tutorial problem sheets should be distributed, by the tutors, in the tutorial, one week before they are discussed/worked in the tutorial. He cites increased efficiency of printer use, and actually getting the tutorials in front of all students' noses so that they can pre-view the questions before the tute.

  5. Teaching Retreat Follow-Up: establishment of teaching clusters. See also Retreat Notes. The suggested cluster composition can be discussed, and cluster coordinators designated.

  6. SE Cluster: re-accreditation of Software Engineering program

  7. Discussion on re-organisation of PG Coursework Programs [JAS]
    This item has been postponed to a later meeting. Issues under this banner include the difficulties of supporting both first-session intake and second-session intake, difficulties arising from the disparate entry-level knowledge of the students, and particular difficulties with long prerequisite sequences in the MInfSc(Internetworking).
    Ideas welcome.

  8. Foreshadowed proposal for courses on problem-solving [Hossam ElGindy]

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