Agenda for Teaching Committee Meeting - 26 March 2004

  1. Proposal for (re-)introduction of BSc Computer Science/BA
    Since management of 3978 BSc Computer Science moved to the Faculty of Engineering, there have been difficulties for students wishing to enrol in 3930 BSc BA with the BSc component being BSc Computer Science. This proposal clones 3930 but specialises the BSc component to be BSc Computer Science, to remove this problem.
    Proposal document: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3.

  2. Proposal for BINF9010 Bioinformatics Methods and Applications - Bruno

  3. Draft new program proposal: BSc Computer Science + BDigital Media - CarrollG

  4. Proposed Course on Agents: Proposal & Syllabus - Will Uther

  5. Proposal to vary the content of COMP9020 between s1 and s2 - Arthur

  6. Codes of conduct for response to e-mails from students - Bill
    and for students on when it is reasonable to send e-mails - Achim see also The Tyranny of E-mail

  7. Programming Competition Practicum - Aleks

  8. I would like the TC to draw the attention of the School to the value of the CES data and the need to use it responsibly. It should not be used arbitrarily and out of context. - Ken

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