Agenda for Teaching Committee Meeting - 21 May 2004

  1. Discussion on possible changes to the Software Engineering program (KenR ... More details)
    • replace COMP2110 with COMP2111
    • delete COMP2411 from SE core
    • introduce 3UoC Project Management course into SE year 2
    • define SENG1031 = SENG1010 + SENG1020
    • coordination between SENG3010 and COMP3141
    • ? formally replace INFS2607 by (INFS2607 or COMP3331)

  2. Status report: Computer Engineering program revision. (Sri)

  3. Should mid-session student surveys be held so that feedback can be supplied while it's not too late to fix things for the current class. (BradH, AndrewT?)

    Possible AndrewT-style surveys of all core courses taken by Software Engineering students. This could be extended to Bioinformatics and Computer Engineering, and to Computer Science (i.e. Maths 1A/B and Discrete Maths).

  4. New course proposal: Data Mining and Warehousing (Draft)
    Companion proposal - revision / renaming of COMP9417 (Proposal doc

  5. New PG coursework program proposals. MCIT and MIT. Proposal description

  6. Possible future direction: running day and evening streams of all combined UG/PG courses (like COMP3231/9201). Extra contact hours but no extra preparation. Might be painful, but if it helps us keep our jobs, a little pain might be bearable. This topic was raised by student representatives during a recent consultation with them. Three hour evening lectures are educationally undesirable, but justifiable for students with jobs, who can't get here during the day.

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