Draft Agenda for Teaching Committee Meeting - 17 September 2004

Time: 2 pm
Place: CSE Building - Room K17-103 Committee Room

Minutes of previous meeting

NICTA Course Proposals

  1. Proposal for revised course (NICTA-taught) (NB - the original version may never have been offred!): Real Time Systems - Stefan Petter (smp) and Sergio Ruocco (sruocco).

  2. Proposal for revised Multimedia Systems course: COMP9519 (PDF). Note that the course is to run in s2 not s1, despite what it says in the proposal document. (NICTA-taught) - Jack Yu (zyu), Jian Zhang (jzhang), Reji Mathew (rmathew).

  3. Proposal for new course (75% NICTA-taught): Knowledge Representation and Reasoning - Jochen Renz, Thomas Meyer, Norman Foo, Maurice Pagnucco.

  4. Proposal for new course (NICTA-taught): Special Topics in Software Engineering - Cat Kutay and Ross Jeffery.

  5. Proposal for new course (NICTA-taught): Advanced Topics in Software Verification - Gerwin Klein, Ron van der Meyden

General Education Course Proposals

  1. GenEd Course Proposal based on COMP1081 - Ashesh Mahidadia.

  2. GenEd Course Proposal on Human Computer Interaction - Daniel Woo and Nadine Marcus.

  3. GenEd Course Proposal on Robotics - Maurice Pagnucco

  4. GenEd Course Proposal on Spreadsheet and Database Applications - Maurice Pagnucco

  5. GenEd Course Proposal on Networks - Mahbub Hassan and Networks Teaching Cluster

  6. GenEd Computer Games Course Proposal - Amir Michail.

  7. 2 GenEd Proposals: Understanding Computer Technology I and II - Aleks Ignjatovic

New and Revised Program Proposals

  1. Proposal for new combined program - BSc Computer Science + B Digital Media Proposal form (PDF) - Carroll Graham.

  2. Revised Computer Engineering Program - Sri Parameswaran

  3. Revised Software Engineering Program - Ken Robinson

  4. New Plans for BSc Computer Science - Tim Lambert.

Non-NICTA New and Revised Course Proposals

  1. Revision of COMP9416 Knowledge Based Systems - Achim Hoffmann representing working group

  2. Revision of COMP3111 Software Engineering - Albert Nymeyer as chair of working group.

  3. Proposal for new course: Computer Games Progamming workshop - Adnan Amin and Tim Lambert.

  4. Proposal for new/revised course: COMP3451/9451 Theory of Computation through Prolog - Eric Martin/Arthur Ramer.

  5. Proposal for new/revised course: Pattern Recognition - Adnan Amin.

  6. Proposal for new/revised course: Industrial Software Development - John Plaice

Miscellaneous Items

  1. Compulsory tutor training for 2005 - RichardB

  2. Matters arising from minutes: University Medal criteria follow-up.
    The recommendations of the previous TC meeting on university medal criteria were presented at the Faculty Education Committee. A show of hands at the end of the discussion revealed scant support for CSE's position.

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