Draft Agenda for Teaching Committee Meeting 18 March 2005

  1. Require COMP2011 as prerequisite for COMP4910, BINF4910, and SENG4910, SENG3010, SENG3020. AndrewT

  2. Require 12 point fonts for exam papers. CarrollG

  3. Proposal to change the name of COMP3431 from "An Introduction to Intelligent Agent Architectures" to "Robotic Architectures" to avoid confusion between COMP3431 and COMP4416 Intelligent Agents. WillU

  4. Should all CSE courses (COMP, SENG, BINF) be considered in determining prizewinners for top performance. At present the Faculty awards "Dean's List" on the basis of overall WAM, and the School makes its awards on the basis of performance only in COMP courses. This was done originally on the basis that not all students are able to enrol in SENG and BINF courses. Ken's point of view & Brad's statistics & Andrew's point of view.

  5. New course proposal: COMP3171 Analysis of Algorithms. Proposer: Toby Walsh. Toby won't be able to attend, but Carroll Graham may be able to provide some background. More details on COMP3171 proposal | Comments from Maths

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