Agenda for Teaching Committee Meeting 20 May 2005

  1. Faculty Flexible First Year and UG Program Revision Proposals

    Short summary:

    • Faculty wants something like a common first year: the actuality looks like two groups: (1) CE, CS, EE, Tele, and (2) the other Engineering Schools (Mech, Civil, Surveying, Petroleum, Mining, Chemical, ...), with SE and BI as outliers somewhere close to CE/CS/EE.
    • The advantage of this from the School point of view is that it facilitates transfers between our programs;
    • UNSW Asia planning is involved;
    • The dean wants a design course in every year of every program;
    • The dean wants to eliminate wasted teaching effort by having every School take the same common course in Computing, in Mechanics, etc.
    • The dean wants all courses to be 6 UoC. Except GenEd, which is out of our control.
    • The Academic Board wants 12 UoC of free electives in every program.
    • The "proposals" link above takes you to the current state of our attempts on this - i.e. draft program revision proposals for each of BI, CS, CE, and SE.

  2. Revision of content of COMP3710 from 3 to 6 UoC.
    This recognizes the actual workload. COMP3720 would be excised from programs which currently have both COMP3710 and COMP3720. This proposal is independent of the Dean's "everything should be 6 UoC" principle; it's origins predate CSE's knowledge of the Dean's ideas on this.

  3. Proposal from Richard on structure of first and second year programming courses and design courses.

  4. Designing a first-year curriculum for CSE - John Plaice

  5. Revision of content of COMP2021 and COMP3221 (Sri).
    COMP2xxx Microprocessors and Interfacing and
    COMP3yyy Digital Circuits and Systems

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