Agenda for Teaching Committee Meeting 29 July 2005

  1. The current University Policy can be viewed here. This policy seems to be targeted more towards plagiarism issues in essays etc. rather than in programming assignments. Hence, our School decided to have its own plagiarism policy. A first Draft Proposal for our School had been developed by Manuel.

  2. Prerequisite change for COMP9333 Advanced Computer Networks: Currently COMP9331 Computer Networks&Applications and COMP9332 Network Routing and Switching are prerequisites. Proposal to remove COMP9332 as prerequisite.

  3. New course proposal on a fourth year course on Optimisation, Constraint Programming, etc. Details to be provided shortly.

  4. New version of first and second year courses for the faculty common first year to commence in 2006. See here for current draft to be discussed in the TC meeting. Here is the proposal for replacing COMP1081 (intro to computing for other engineers).

    Further background as provided in previous TC meetings is provided below. Faculty Flexible First Year and UG Program Revision Proposals

    Short summary:

    • Faculty wants something like a common first year: the actuality looks like two groups: (1) CE, CS, EE, Tele, and (2) the other Engineering Schools (Mech, Civil, Surveying, Petroleum, Mining, Chemical, ...), with SE and BI as outliers somewhere close to CE/CS/EE.
    • The advantage of this from the School point of view is that it facilitates transfers between our programs;
    • UNSW Asia planning is involved;
    • The dean wants a design course in every year of every program;
    • The dean wants to eliminate wasted teaching effort by having every School take the same common course in Computing, in Mechanics, etc.
    • The dean wants all courses to be 6 UoC. Except GenEd, which is out of our control.
    • The Academic Board wants 12 UoC of free electives in every program.
    • The "proposals" link above takes you to the current state of our attempts on this - i.e. draft program revision proposals for each of BI, CS, CE, and SE.

  5. Transfer rules for transfer between our degrees including Computer Engineering which will be part of the common first year. The idea is that students do not need to go through UAC once they are in one of our programs and they want to change their program. What extended or advanced courses should run in 2006?

  6. Discussion on experiences with extended courses and advanced courses. What extended or advanced courses should run in 2006?
    Some enrolment data as food for thought:
    • COMP1721 Higher Computing 1B enrols-03s2: 109
    • COMP1721 Higher Computing 1B enrols-04s2: 82
    • COMP1721 Higher Computing 1B enrols-05s2: 53 - figures not final
    • COMP2711 Higher Data Organisation enrols-03s1: 117
    • COMP2711 Higher Data Organisation enrols-04s1: 61
    • COMP2711 Higher Data Organisation enrols-05s1: 51
    Enrolment figures from 2005s1 for Extended courses:
    • 10 COMP3821/9801 Ext Algorithms&Prog Techniques
    • 10 COMP3891 Ext Operating Systems
    • 13 COMP3931/9833 Ext Computer Networks & App
    • 7 COMP9814 Ext Artificial Intelligence

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