Agenda for Teaching Committee Meeting 2 June 2006

Items 2 and 3 were approved in outline as part of the CE /FFY revisions last year.

  1. New course proposal: COMP4336 (rtf)/ COMP9336 (rtf) Mobile Data Networking - Mahbub Hassan

  2. New Project courses for Computer Engineering: COMP3601 (rtf), COMP4601 (rtf) - Sri Parameswaran
  3. New Thesis courses for Computer Engineering: Thesis A, Thesis B - Sri Parameswaran

  4. New course proposal: COMP4337 (rtf)/ COMP9337 (rtf) Wireless Security - Salil Kanhere

  5. Should we introduce soft skills as a compulsory part of our programs? - Brad Hall

  6. Proposals from Student Representative Rupert Shuttleworth:

  7. Discussion of the conduct of courses in 06s1 - led by Student Representatives

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