Agenda for Teaching Committee Meeting on 10 September 1999


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting will be taken as correct in the absence of e-mail or other indications to the contrary.

  2. Ian Morrison has requested that the schools provide some feedback on this year's CEQ and the Graduate Destination Survey (copies of these are available from Ann). Andrew T to report.

  3. Schedule for COMP2 and COMP3 subjects next year and provison for increased numbers in these subjects.

  4. Proposed policy on thesis extensions. This has been informally discussed by members the TC already. Perhaps it requires ratification. Steve Matheson's draft policy reads:

    1. If your problem is a normal Special Consideration (such as illness), supply a normal Special Consideration Form, and it will be treated exactly as for other subjects (e.g. you may be granted an extension, or a supplementary exam).

    2. Otherwise, if your problem was _unavoidable_ and _unexpected_, you should supply a letter from yourself, supported by a separate letter from your supervisor, explaining how your situation differs from the other students who are required to submit their Thesis Report on time.

    Note that an extension will only be granted in exceptional circumstances, and may only apply to the parts of your thesis work which were affected. For example, problems with equipment should not affect any `background', `design', or `analysis' aspects of your thesis, so you would be expected to submit the major part of your Thesis Report on time, with an extra `results' section submitted by the end of the extension period.

  5. For noting only, at this meeting. Ken has proposed changes to replace Z in COMP2411 and COMP3111/9008 by B. The details of Ken's proposal are available. Because (1) there should be longer for staff members to think about this proposal (added the day before the TC meeting); (2) it is important to allow adequate time to consider the CEQ response issue; and (3) the day of this TC meeting is also the deadline for ARC small grant applications, this matter is only for noting, and will be a full agenda item at the next TC meeting.

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