Status of UNSW/Faculty Approvals for Old CSE TC Proposals

Since 2006

New Course COMP9335 02Jun0616Jun0630Jun06n/an/a Wireless Mesh and Sensor Networks
New Course COMP4335 02Jun0609Jun0630Jun06n/an/a Wireless Mesh and Sensor Networks
New Course COMP9336 31Mar0616Jun0630Jun06n/an/a Mobile Data Networking
New Course COMP4336 02Jun0609Jun0630Jun06n/an/a Mobile Data Networking
New Course COMP9337 31Mar0616Jun0630Jun06n/an/a Securing Wireless Networks
New Course COMP4337 02Jun0609Jun0630Jun06n/an/a Securing Wireless Networks
New Course COMP4341 31Mar0609Jun0630Jun06n/an/a XML and Databases
New Course COMP9341 31Mar06OK28Apr06n/an/a XML and Databases
Rev Course COMP4314 31Mar0609Jun0630Jun06n/an/a Next Generation Database Systems
Rev Course COMP9314 31Mar06OK28Apr06n/an/a Next Generation Database Systems


Up to Date onTypeProposalApproved ByApprovals Still Needed
08-04-05Name ChangeBE MEngSc → BE MITTC;FEC;FSC;COA;ABUC
08-04-05Name ChangeCOMP3431 Robotic Software ArchitecturesTC;FEC;FSCnow fully approved
08-04-05New CourseCOMP4431 Computer Games Progamming workshopTC;FEC;FSCnow fully approved
22-10-04New ProgramBSc CompSc BDigMedTC,FEC;FSC;COFA;ABnow fully approved
22-10-04Revised ProgramBE Software EngineeringTC;FEC;FSC;COE;ABnow fully approved
22-10-04Revised ProgramBSc Computer Science majors
& attachment
TC;FEC;FSC;COE;ABnow fully approved
03-08-04New ProgramGradCertCompFSC;AB;UCnow fully approved
03-08-04New ProgramGradCertAdvCompFSC;AB;UCnow fully approved
22-10-04Revised CourseCOMP9519 Multimedia SystemsTC;FEC;FSCnow fully approved
22-10-04Revised CourseCOMP3241/9245 Real-Time SystemsTC;FEC;FSCnow fully approved
22-10-04Revised CourseCOMP3111/9008 Software EngineeringTC;FEC;FSCnow fully approved
22-10-04New CourseCOMP4418 Knowledge Repn & ReasoningTC;FEC;FSCnow fully approved
22-10-04New CourseCOMP9009 Adv Topics Soft EngTC;FEC;FSCnow fully approved
22-10-04New CourseCOMP9515 Pattern RecognitionTC;FEC;FSCnow fully approved
22-10-04New CourseCOMP4161 Adv Topics Soft VerifTC;FEC;FSCnow fully approved
22-10-04New CourseCOMP2091 Computing 2TC;FEC;FSCnow fully approved
22-10-04New CourseGENE8001 Designing and Creating Computer GamesTC;FEC;FSCnow fully approved
22-10-04New CourseGENE8000 Spreadsheets & DatabasesTC;FEC;FSCnow fully approved
22-10-04New CourseCOMP4003 Industrial Software DesignTC;FEC;FSCnow fully approved
22-10-04Extended CoursesExtended Courses proposal (PDF)SchoolMtg;FEC;FSCnow fully approved
27-08-04New coursesE-Commerce COMP9321, COMP9322, COMP9323 TC, FEC, FSCnow fully approved
04-08-04New ProgramBSc CompSc BAFSC;AB;UCnow fully approved
03-08-04Revised ProgramMCITFSC;ABnow fully approved
03-08-04Revised ProgramMITFSC;ABnow fully approved
03-08-04Revised ProgramGradDipCITFSC;ABnow fully approved
25-06-04Revised CourseCOMP9417FSCnow fully approved
25-06-04New CourseCOMP9318FSCnow fully approved
25-06-04New CourseBINF9010FSCnow fully approved
25-06-04New CourseCOMP3431FSCnow fully approved
3-10-03New/Revised CourseCOMP1081 FSCnow fully approved
3-10-03Revised CourseCOMP1091 FSCnow fully approved
3-10-03New CourseCOMP3902 Special Project (12 UoC)FSCnow fully approved
3-10-03New CourseCOMP3901 Special Project (6 UoC)FSCnow fully approved
8-8-03New ProgramBE Bioinf MBiomedEUCnow fully approved
8-8-03New CourseCOMP4511 User Interface Design...FSCnow fully approved
1-9-03New ProgramBE Bioinf BAUCnow fully approved
1-9-03New ProgramBE Bioinf BScUCnow fully approved
1-9-03New ProgramBSc BSc CompScUCnow fully approved
1-9-03New ProgramBE SoftEng BComUCnow fully approved
1-8-03New ProgramBE SoftEng MBiomedEUCnow fully approved
1-8-03Minor RevisionBE CompEng MBiomedEFSCnow fully approved
starts mid-2003

TC:School of CSE Teaching Committee
FEC:Faculty of Engineering Education Committee
FSC:Faculty of Engineering Standing Committee
AB:Academic Board:
This will involve the Academic Board Undergraduate and/or Postgraduate Committees,
as appropriate, followed by full Academic Board approval.
UC:University Council

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