Planned Computer Engineering Revision

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Fundamentals of
Computer Engineering
50% EE; 50% CSE
Circuit Theory
100% EE
Computing AMaths IIAComp Eng ProjectCE Elective
Computing BMaths IIBCE ElectiveCE Elective
Maths 1ANew Phys 2CE ElectiveCE Elective
Maths 1BCircuits + SystemsCE ElectiveCE Elective
New Phys 1ElectronicsCE ElectiveManagement/
Prof Issues
Digital Circuits
(like DSS)
Software Engin-
eering Management
GenEd (2 × 3 UoC)GenEd (2 × 3 UoC)

Each of these except for Thesis (12 UoC) is a notional 6 UoC slot. Maths 1A/B would include the possibility of Higher Maths 1A/B as well as regular Maths 1A/B, of course.
Maths IIA + Maths IIB = MATH1090 + MATH2510 + MATH2520 + MATH2859
again allowing Higher equivalents where available. This would be a reduction of 3 UoC from MATH1081 to MATH1090.

UNSW's CRICOS Provider No. is 00098G
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